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Introducing ANASA Resort Wear. Globally inspired and crafted in Kenya, ANASA brings together luxurious silks, natural textiles and adornments to create a timeless and chic collection of vibrant and sophisticated kaftans.


Victoria Dadet-Nganga and Kate Burdett founded ANASA to fulfill their dream of creating a luxurious resort wear brand that embodied their adventurous, free-spirited, and socially conscious approach to travel, fashion, and life.


Kate, a Wisconsin-born textile designer working for a major New York fashion house, met Victoria, who was raised in Kenya and working for a leading New York hedge fund, at their children’s nursery school. Their connection was immediate. They quickly built a strong friendship, which has spanned over a decade, based on their obsession with fashion, travel, and a mutual love of kaftans.


Few would have guessed that this early bond would eventually lead to the launch of a fashion line employing the diverse craftsmanship and techniques of Kenyan artists and artisans. But in 2016, when Victoria decided to leave her successful career in finance to return to her home country, the friends realized that the move to Kenya could be the spark they needed to pursue their dream of creating a brand that embodied their personal beliefs and aesthetic. In 2017, ANASA was born.

Luxury, Sensuality, Pleasure


ANASA is the antidote to disposable ‘fast’ fashion. Our artistry begins in our production studio in Nairobi, Kenya, where the tailors who produce our collection work side-by-side to turn the exquisite, sustainable materials we have sourced from all over world into the embodiment of our design vision. Each element of our business—from design to sourcing, production to retail—operates in compliance with fair trade standards, allowing us to give back to the country and people whose beauty and spirit have inspired us.


The Union of Luxury &  Responsibility


We are bringing our design vision to life fueled by the beauty, richness and positivity of Kenya and her people. Our mission is to produce and encourage trade in Kenya by calling this fast-growing nation home. Launching a luxury fashion collection made from recycled and sustainable materials – without sacrificing design -, while building long-term, sustainable growth opportunities by supporting manufacturers, and partnering with local craftsmen brings us a step closer to our mission.

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